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Created in the historic West Bank city of Hebron, this candleholder comes with small amount of sand and will grace any room with the soft and mellow glow. Hebron is also well-known for its traditional glass-blowing. Glassmakers create these distinctively beautiful Phoenician glass pieces, using recycled bottles and a family secret to create the swirls and range of colors. Working with this process takes an especially skilled hand, and is reserved for the true masters of the art. Each piece has its own unique blend of color and pattern. The Phoenician glass technique requires such special skill and care that it had historically been reserved for wedding gifts; the Natsheh family of glass-blowers have helped to revive a craft nearly forgotten during the mid-20th century. Established in 1890, Hebron Glass is a family business that has expanded over the years and is now exporting traditional glassware and ceramics products.

Shades of aqua and green, 3.5" Diameter x 5" High; includes tealight