Jewelry - Long Journey Beaded Necklace

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The journey of life is made up of a million memories. The diverse colors and shapes of the beads in the Long Journey Beaded Necklace represent the unique experience of each person’s path. This necklace consists of six different strands of black beads layered with organically shaped glass beads in a range of blue, green and yellows. In Ghana, glass beads have been used in coming-of-age ceremonies for centuries. The artisans at Ele Agbe in Accra celebrate their heritage by using ancient crafting methods to create new designs.

  • Multi-layer black seed bead necklace featuring ,arger teal, green, blue, yellow and amber organically shaped glass beads
  • 6 strands
  • Shortest strand measures 23L inches; longest strand measures 24L inches
  • Loop and bead closure
  • Handmade in Ghana